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W A T E R   S U P P L Y
A N D   P O L L U T I O N

Why is water important to us?

We need water to survive and to do things like:

What does the term water supply mean?

It means the total amount of water available for humans and other living things, such as animals, to use.

What is the world's water supply like at the moment?

Only about 1 percent of the water on earth is available for humans to use. The rest is locked in ice caps and glaciers or is too salty to drink.

If there is so little water available, are humans trying to use less of it?

Not at all. In fact, the opposite to this is happening.

What can you do to help?


Water is the most important resource we have. Let's start to treat it that way!

What is water pollution?

It is when pollutants enter waterways such as oceans or rivers.

Where do water pollutants mainly come from?

How does this hurt humans and the environment?

What can you do to help?


We all need water to survive, so let's keep our waterways clean!