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What is Globalisation?

Globalisation is a name given to different changes that are taking place all over the world.

What are they?

Is globalisation a good thing?

Some types of globalisation are good, but most are bad.

What are the good types of globalisation?

  • Information globalisation - because it means better communication between people including people in different countries.

  • What are the bad types of globalisation?

  • Media Globalisation - When only a few TV, film and newspaper companies control everything it means the same news and events are known to everyone around the world and only a few people or events become popular.

  • Cultural Globalisation – Having lots of different cultures is more exciting and colourful than having just one culture. If everyone lived the same way it would be really boring. There are many cultures in the world but they are gradually disappearing as more people live the same way.

  • Language Globalisation - English is spoken more than it used to be throughout the world. Some tribal languages have been lost forever because people stopped speaking them and then forgot them. It is sad to lose languages that have been spoken for thousands of years.

  • Corporate Globalisation - This is happening because some companies have become so rich and powerful they can make governments in different countries let them buy and sell anything they like. Industries take over the way in which countries should be managed.

  • Economic Globalisation - Free trade is where things made by one country are sold in another country without having to pay taxes. Corporations look around the world for the people who will work for least money and set up their factories in countries where the environmental laws are weakest. This keeps their costs down and allows them to sell goods cheaply all over the world. Local producers and farmers can suffer, and lots of fossil fuel is wasted carrying goods long distances unnecessarily.

  • What can you do to stop globalisation making you different?

    Try to buy things that are made locally.

    Remember that English is not the only language in the World!

    Do not change your way of life just because it is more popular.


    You can make a difference to the world by just being who you are.